Code Editors

These charts are based on the opinion of our contributors. We encourage experts to propose changes.

Vim is the go-to command line code editor on Linux with a rich feature set.


Eclipse is an open source (predominanty) Java environment. Android development was tied to Eclipse, untill Google launched Google Studio.


Xcode by Apple is mandatory for iOS development.


Developed in the 80', Emacs is still the go-to code editor for a large group of developers. It has extensive ways to personalise the editor.


Sublime is a favorite for developers due to speed and stability, but also a large repository of plugins.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code by Microsoft is free with support for macOS, linux and (of course) windows and a wide variety of languages. IntelliSense (function autocomplete) is one of its key features.


Atom by Github is powered by Javascript and quickly gained traction for its ease of use, and wide plugin support.

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