Cloud Platforms

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Open Stack

Open Stack is open source software for cloud tooling avoiding competitors' vendor lock-in. Rackspace and NASA are the founders of this project.


Rackspace was initially a traditional hosting company. They transformed by providing customers with their own cloud services, powered by Open Stack. But they are also known for their managed cross-vendor cloud services.

App Engine

Google App Engine is the original cloud vision by Google, where developers can host their app in the cloud, and have it auto-scale behind the scenes.


Digitalocean is a cost effective and developer focused cloud hosting company. Digitalocean has build a custom solution centered around droplets.


Heroku offers cloud hosting for apps. It early on became the go-to platform for Rails apps.


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the market leader in cloud hosting, with a wide variety of services.


Azure by Microsoft is quickly gaining traction, attributed to their enterprise sales, after a relative late entry to market.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform has matured strongly in the past years, and makes an almost equal competitor to AWS.

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